Hello! I’m Savannah, a freelance copywriter.

Over the past 15 years, I've had the privilege of working with hundreds of brands across all industries, with a special interest in lifestyle and kids' content.

Scroll down the page to take a peek into some of the lovely brands and projects I've worked on, to get a feel for what I can do, and to see if the proof, is indeed, in the pudding.

“Savannah is a talented writer who is reliable and always a pleasure to work with. It is her attention to detail and quality of work that sets her apart from any other copywriter we have worked with. ”

― Katia Fidalgo, Founder of GoNeon

“Her writing is an absolute art form and craft that is always considered and beautifully put together. Savannah goes the extra mile to produce only the best.”

― Rene de Kock

“Savannah was a high performer and showed great pride and consistency in her work.”

― Joe Stead, Group Creative Head at Spur Corporation