Early Access

Last updated on February 23, 2021

1. Early Access User Terms

These terms are no longer in effect since our Early Access program ended on February 23, 2021.

If you signed up to Copyfolio before February 23, 2021 you got access to all Copyfolio features for free, until the paid subscription program started.

To guarantee an enjoyable user experience and a smooth transition, each Early Access Member will received one month of Premium membership upon upgrading – before requesting payment of the Subscription Fees.

Early Access Members consented to and acknowledged with registration that Copyfolio is still under development at this stage and that comes with limitations to the product, including but not limited to: lack of personal settings such as changing name, password, email address, etc; lack of access to personal data collected and stored by Copyfolio; the possibility of failure of saving changes made in the editor in case of weak or broken internet connection.

2. Closing Early Access

Copyfolio is completely free and it was free during the Early Access program. When the Early Access program ended, we introduced a paid Premium plan, so you can get the most out of Copyfolio. Some feature you could access at first moved to Premium.

Our gift to our Early Access users is a free month on the Premium Plan. With that we want to say thank you for believing in Copyfolio and helping us making it the ultimate website builder for writers that it’ll be one day.

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